TTBD Pet Feeding Training Mat Pet Nose Work Snuffle Mat Football Field Shaped Pet Snuffle Mat Toy Blanket Non Slip Pet Encourages Natural Foraging Skills Ideal for Dogs

Only £48.12

Perfect design: A pet feeding training mat with a unique football field shape that combines foraging with play, improves the dog’s skills, can reduce the dog’s stress, and eliminate boring time.
Soft and comfortable: The pet feeding training mat is made of soft fabric, which is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and anti-tearing. The soft-touch makes dogs want to lie down and go to bed.
Treasure hunt! The pet feeding training mat imitates the dog looking for food in nature, brings a new visual experience to the puppy, and looks for “treasures” in every corner!
Anti-slip bottom stability: There are anti-slip rubber particles on the bottom of the pet feeding training mat, which can keep it stable on the floor and keep it in a proper position.
Good for health: The pet feeding training mat helps pets use their brains when eating, and helps train dogs to be sensitive to odors. It can release energy and reduce the emotional stress of pets.


Encourages Natural Foraging Skills for