Dog Cat Slow Feeder, Dog Interactive Dog Treat Puzzle Healthy Eating Training Toy for Small/Medium Dog/Cat

Only £47.79

[SLOW DOWN EATING]This pet boredom breaker feeder effectively slows down the eating speed of your pet, help pets digest, avoid being choked by eating too fast, promotes healthy eating.
[UNIQUE DESIGN]The pet feeder is a five-pointed star design, which can arouse the interest of pets. The roller design increases the difficulty of obtaining food and excites your pet. This interactive toy not only brings challenges to your pet, but also frees him from loneliness and depression, and is good for physical and mental health.
[PLAYING METHOD]The smooth metal bracket can effectively rotate the rollers, and the anti-skid pad can prevent pets from overturning the food bowl. The thoughtful design of this slow dispensing food toy provides a lot of convenience for pet owners. It is also a universal style for cats and dogs. It is an infallible choice for pet lovers.
[HIGH QUALITY]The Dog Puzzle Feeder Toy is made of high-quality PP material. Safe, non-toxic, non-slip, durable anti-aging tearing resistance, and easy to wash. Enjoy a happy time with your pets.
[IMPROVE INTELLIGENCE]The delicious food matching toys, attract your pet, and improve playability, helps attract pet’s attention, it is a benefit for improving pet intelligence.


Interactive Game for Boredom