QXYOGO Snuffle Mat For Dogs Removable Pet Dog Snuffle Mat Playing Mat Large Dog Training Blanket Nosework Puzzle Toy Pet Feeding Pad Nose Pad Pet Supplies 001 (Color : 100x70cm)

Only £49.16

Strengthen your pet’s sense of smell, you can hide your dog’s favorite food in the mat and let them to find out the food with their nose. Fits for indoor and outdoor activity for your pets.
Multiple mats can be spliced together becomes a big size mat,can hide food, dogs will enjoy search for the delicious food while playing,meet their curiosity. It stimulates pet’s foraging instinct and satisfies pet’ s senses.
1. It is a unique dog training mat, which can store snacks or small toys for your dog to find them. It helps to train your dog’s sense of smell, and can consume your dog’s energy and help your dog to lose weight.
2. It can keep your dog occupied. This dog feeding pad is a great way to have a dog with lots of energy to use their brain during their dinner time, it can wear them like walking.
3. Multiple hidden concealed compartment design: triangle, pentagonal, square, tie knot lacing, pulling straps, etc. Can store snacks.


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