Practical and easy to clean cat litter box NSYNSY Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box Automatic Cat Litter Tray Smart Cat Toilet,for Cats

Only £1,970.91

The automatic litter box will automatically clean up in time to keep fresh air in the home. also saving precious time.
The litter box offers the privacy that most cats prefer. The enclosed and stylish litter box will become a part of your home decor.
Smart sensing, identification cats safely away, delayed for 3 seconds to clean up, reduce the spread of odors, let the cat safe to use.
Large round space, to meet the needs of large cats, can be poured into 5L cat litter, short-distance travel and peace of mind.
Check out our cat toilet series! Cats are particularly clean animals, so they must be in a special place in the cat house.


5 Litre