LXB Dog Puzzle Toy, Feeder Dog Iq Training Toys Game, Stimulating Interactive Treat Dispensing Game Toy Box for Puppy Dogs, Advanced Slow Feeder to Improved Dog’s IQ

Only £49.99

Slow Feeder: The dog puzzle toys is a great way to slow down meal times to improve digestion and prevent bloat, as well as being a fun and entertaining dog enrichment toy.
Interactive Toy Box: Bring fun to your dog, slow down the eating speed. Help correct his fast eating behavior while closer your relationship through games.
Improve IQ and Cognitive Abilities: The slider design covers the food and enables the dog to think about how to figure it out.After a few more exercises, your dog will certainly become more intelligent.
Spice up the Feeding: Attractive toys with 6 movable points and 12 holes will keep your pets from getting bored and reduce anxiety.
Safe Design: Made of no-toxic material, will not hurt your fur friends. Features with non detachable plastic slider, avoid swallowing by mistake.


Interactive Game for Boredom