120 Counts 8 Rolls Green Pet Poop Garbage Bag Bio Plastic Garbage Bag Thick Pet Garbage Bag Super Toughness Anti-leakage Anti-puncture Reject Odor

Only £4.49

MULTI-FUNCTION Garbage Bag: The trash bag is used to clean pet droppings, pet toys and dirt, and can also be used for daily trash, baby diapers, travel, wet swimsuits, etc.
REJECT ODORS: Our pet waste bags can help you keep your hands clean while cleaning your pet’s bowel movements and lock the smells after sealing.
Thickened Film: Made of high quality plastic, thickened film is tougher than ordinary rubbish bags, has excellent leak resistance and is not easy to puncture.
DEGRADABLE: The degradable plastic material is safe and environmentally friendly. After use, the bin bags are mined under natural environmental conditions, and the degradation products are not harmful to the environment.
Convenient to carry: fold neatly, 15 garbage bags per roll, small, lightweight, easy to carry anytime and anywhere, perfect for families, travel, dog walks.


8 Rolls