WAZMM Snuffle Mat for Dogs, Pet Dog Feeding Mat Encourages Natural Foraging Skills Durable Dog Toys

Only £50.99

MATERIAL: felt fabric,durable,It is substantial enough to prevent from tearing into pieces.
FUNCTION:Keep Your Dog Occupied, This dog feeding mat is a great way for a dog who has tons of energy to use their brain during their dinner time, it can wear them out just as much as a walk
DESIGN:A combination of intelligence and molars allows dogs to grind their teeth while eating. The multiple-use dog puzzle toy helps you save time and effort.
PORTABLE: Easy to store and carry.The bottom is a non-slip cloth that effectively holds the mat and prevents the dog from moving the mat.
EASY CLEAN:You can machine wash or hand wash. The recommendation is washing the snuffle bowl mat at least twice a week.


Interactive Game for Boredom