Snuffle Mat Pet Dog Feeding Mat,Pet Snuffling Mat Dog Nose Work Training Snuffle Blanket Interactive Puzzle Dog Toys Encourages Natural Foraging Skills

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[Dog interactive jigsaw puzzle] : This dog is made of a nose pad that mimics the dog’s favorite bones, satisfying the dog’s natural instinct and stimulating the dog’s sense of smell. Let your dog use its nose and brain to find food. Your pets definitely like to play with dog jigsaw puzzles, just to satisfy their curiosity.
[Pet Slow Feeding Training] : Hide your dog’s food or toys on the pet activity mat and encourage it to search for them. In this case, your dog must eat slowly. Slowly feed the pads to prevent digestive problems and correct bad eating habits. It will consume your dog’s energy and reduce its weight.
[Multi-function] : The dog pad can be used as a feeder or a toy for dogs. There are two detachable dog heads to satisfy the dog’s play and attract the dog’s attention. Your dog will like it. There is a non-slip cloth on the bottom that can effectively hold the mat and prevent the pet from moving the mat.
[Environmental, non-toxic] : The dog’s sniffing pad is handmade and made of polar fleece. It is environmentally friendly, durable, non-toxic and soft. You can wash it by hand or by washing machine.
[Easy to use and store] : You can use large dog nose pads anytime, anywhere, and it is also suitable for all kinds of weather. Portable design makes it easy to store anywhere, easy to store. It is easy to store.


Encourages Natural Foraging Skills for