Ducomi Clumping Cat Litter 4 L – Biodegradable Scented Natural Silicon Cat Sand – Absorbent, Composable, Antibacterial, Anti-Odor Sand for Cats – Long Duration 40 Days (Lavender)

Only £13.75

COMPOSITION – The silica gel based litter is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, natural, anti-odor and ultra absorbent. The litter is made up of a single component, the siliceous sand which, thanks to the natural microcapillarity of the granules, instantly absorbs the liquids with which it comes in contact, retaining the urine and the bad odors and thus avoiding the proliferation of bacteria in the surrounding environments.
BENEFITS – Super absorbent, silica sand granules absorb a quantity of liquid three times higher than its own weight. Convenient and long-lasting, one pack is enough for one month of use for a medium-weight cat. Practical and light, the package is practical and light to carry.
USE – Fill the teapot with a layer of at least 3.5 / 4 cm of Silica. At least once a day, when you eliminate solid waste, mix the litter with a special pallet: you will prolong its duration, obtaining an optimal yield. Do not worry if the granules change color. The color does not affect the absorbing capacity of Silica.
CHANGE – The bedding should be changed only when the first unwanted odors are felt. In case of initial hesitation of your cat, just add, for the first time, a small amount of the old litter.
DELICATE AND WITHOUT POWDER – Its new composition based on 100% white silicon, ensures effective absorption without dust, additives and fragrances. Moreover, with its fine and dust-free formula, it is delicate on the paws of your cat.