YORKING Inflatable Dog Puppy Cat Pet Collar Post Surgery Cone Neck Injury Protective Inflatable Collar Comfort Cone Pet Recovery Collar

Only £7.49

Anti-scratch and bite: The inflatable collar will prevent pets from biting and licking their injured or surgical site, and promote recovery from surgery or wounds, while still allowing them to rest comfortably.
Adjustable leash: There is a leash at the opening of the collar, you can adjust the leash to make it fit perfectly, and put one side of the leash on the back of the dog’s neck to prevent it from being bitten. Moreover, you can pass the pet’s daily collar through the inner ring to maintain stability.
Easy to use and clean: The inside of this inflatable recycling collar is made of environmentally friendly PVC material, and the short plush cloth is removable for easy cleaning. When not in use, you can deflate and store it in a smaller space.
Pet-friendly and adjustable buckle: The outer ring is made of short and skin-friendly short plush, and the inner ring is made of PVC, which has good elasticity after inflation. Easily and freely adjust the buckle to fit the size of your own pet.
Lightweight and scratch resistant: Wearing a soft, warm and comfortable collar, your dog will not feel depressed or nervous. The inflatable design and soft outer material make your dog wear comfortably. It will not affect your dog’s peripheral vision or eating ability.


Emwel Inflatable Pet Protection Cover Washable Protective Collar for Small dog and Cat – Small