XDRE Pet Snuffle Mat Pet Dog Toys Snuffing Mat Puzzle Training Interactive Toys for Dogs Washable Sniff Find Food Training Sniffing Mat Pad Dog Training Mats

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Dog Training Toys: It is a unique dog training mat that allows your dog to find snacks or small toys hidden in the mat. It helps to train your dog’s smell, consume your dog’s energy and lose weight. Keep your dog occupied and avoid your dog being bored and engaged in destructive behavior.
The fabric is mainly the fleece that is eco-friendly and easy to clean, safe for the machine.
Studies have shown that sniffing for ten minutes is equivalent to running for an hour, which can consume dogs energy and relieve their stress, improve self-confidence and reduce agitation, contribute to physical and mental health.
The middle is the main place for hiding snacks and you can hide snacks reasonably according to your dog’s habits.
It can meet the dog’s sniffling demands to reduce stress, improve the dog’s IQ, reduce the garbage collection outdoor.


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