Warme Biodegradable pet poop bags, 10 rolls, 15 dog bags per roll, 23 x 33 cm in size for each dog poop bag, 150 super thick and strong dog poop bags, guaranteed leak-proof

Only £8.95

Material:These biodegradable dog poop bags are environmentally friendly, made of biodegradable HDPE + EPI, which can treat dog poop more environmentally.
High capacity:Our poop bags are large enough to hold even the largest dogs, and they must be thick enough to ensure that they don’t cause confusion.
Breakpoint design:This biodegradable dog poop bag is easy to decompose and tear, convenient and quick, and can save daily use time. Stretch resistance and good quality.
Leak-proof use:Dog feces bags are durable, not easy to damage, and can withstand greater weight. Even the feces of large dogs can be easily carried on their shoulders, not to worry about water leakage.
Environmental protection:Compostable poo bags are an ethical choice for a clean environment and an eco-friendly future. Thank you for replacing plastic with sustainable compostable plastic bags.


Guaranteed Leak-proof