LXB Snuffle Mat for Dogs, Pet Dog Sniffing Mat Activity Training Blanket Play Toys, Encourages Natural Foraging Skills, Pet Play Puppy Interactive Puzzle Toys, Durable and Machine Washable

Only £51.99

Sniffing is the dog’s nature, increasing self-satisfaction by sniffing, relieving stress and releasing excess energy.
Sniffing training helps to improve sniffing ability, reduce the behavior of collecting garbage outside, and is conducive to the physical and mental health of pets.
With a non-slip bottom design, it is not easy to move the mat when in use. Durable, soft, puncture resistant, environmentally friendly, easy to clean, support washing machine
10 minutes snuffle=1 hour outdoor running, can help dogs relieve stress and relax when you leave he/she alone at home. Let the dog get training and fun while foraging and increase interaction with you.
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