jemous Dog Whistle Stop Barking Neighbors Dog Adjustable Pitch Ultrasonic Premium Quality Pet Training Whistle Recall Dog Control Whistle Premium Quality Lanyard Strap

Only £7.99

[Dog Training Whistle] Adjustable frequencies of dog whistle allow you to easily teach your dog/puppy unlimited commands such as stop barking , sit, come, lay down,stay and more.
[Safety] The ultrasonic dog whistle will not hurt your dogs’ hearing so you can use Silent Bark Control whistle for dogs to stop useless barking. Made of safe material ,our whistle allows you to train your dog without any health concerns.
[Adjusts to Your Dog’s Hearing] Since individual dogs respond to different frequencies, our whistle allows you to change and adjust the whistle’s frequency to suit your own dog’s hearing, making it easy to catch your dog’s attention without hurting your dog’s ears.
[Bark Control Whistle] Dog whistles are very popular to train your dog without hurting your pet through shocks and other means.
[High Quality] Our dog whistle is designed reasonable small size & comes in premium metal, Long lasting and rust proof.


Recall & Stop