Huahao 8 Pieces Prefilter Sponge for Fish Tank, Aquarium Filter Sponge Pre-Filter Foam Rolls for Aquarium

Only £8.59

‘Must Have’ for Fish Tank Filter – Do you often have such troubles? Worrying about small shrimp and tiny fish trapped into the tank. These premium pre-filter foam sponges can be easily attached to the fish tank intake tube, which can prevent the shrimp or fish from being sucked into the canister filter.
Easy to Use – Cover the sponge onto the water inlet of the filter guard directly. They can easily connected to the air inlet of the filter, such as filter, filter tank and other related filter equipment.
Enhance Filtration – These aquarium prefilter sponge can help to trap particles and debris, and prolong the life of your filter media. Providing efficient water flow with less clogging for long lasting filtration.
Quality Foam – These sponges are made of filtration foam, which is safe to the fish. Good for freshwater and saltwater environments.
8 Pieces A Set – Come with 8 pieces pre-filter sponges in black color. approx. 8cm x 3.9cm cylinder, the inside hole diameter is 2cm.


8 Rolls