3PCS Dog Whistle for Stop Barking & Recall, Ultrasonic Dog Whistle Adjustable Frequencies (3 Free Lanyard Strap)

Only £6.59

Safety & Professional: This is a very professional training aid. Recognized by pet industry professionals, breeders, trainers and veterinarians. It is safe and will not harm your pet.
Dog Training Bells : Dog training bells (dog doorbell) have an alarm assist function, which can prevent the dog from alarming when the owner sneaks out while the owner is not paying attention, to prevent the loss, and can also assist the dog to open the door. You can easily hang dog training bells on any door handle type or small hook on the door.
Dog Whistle: Dog whistle to stop barking, it can be adjusted to produce a variety of different sound frequencies, so that your pet understands your different meanings. This product is suitable for dogs of any age and breed. The dog whistle with rope is durable and rust-proof, and it is very suitable for carrying around the neck.
Training Dog Clicker: Dog clicker training can be used for pet home training, basic obedience, tricks, and can also correct excessive barking, chasing, attacking and other bad behaviors. Training dog clicker also have elastic spirals and key chains to avoid loss.
Package Includes: Dog Whistle + Lanyard + Training Dog Clicker + Dog Training Bells. This is a valuable set of equipment for dog training. This is a great piece of equipment designed to make you and your pet the most tacit partners, and teach your pet to learn amazing communication skills.


Recall & Stop