LPing Snuffle Mat For Dogs,Pet Feeding Mat,Puppy Training Pad Puzzle Toys,Dog Treat Dispenser Indoor Outdoor Stress Relief

Only £55.89

Strong and durable-The dog food mat is made of high-quality soft wool for comfort and durability. Washable and easy to clean.
Sniffer training-Studies have shown that 10 minutes of sniffing equals one hour of running. This dog food mat consumes the dog’s energy and reduces their stress. You only need to hide your dog ’s favorite snack in the corner of the game pad.
Novel design-the combination of intelligence and molars, so that dogs can grind their teeth while eating. Multifunctional dog educational toys can help you save time and effort.
Fun-This colorful pet mat is more attractive to pets and inspires them to play. Don’t worry that you don’t have time to take him out for a walk.
Portable-easy to store and carry. Ideal for pet indoor and outdoor activities.


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