Liuer 3Pcs Ultrasonic Dog Training Whistles with 3Pcs Dog Training Clicker to Stop Barking Handy Pocket Size Adjustable Frequencies High Pitch Whistle for Dog Cat Horse Recall and Barking Control

Only £11.15

Easy Day Training – Adjustable to multiple frequencies, such as Audible Mode; Where The Can Be Heard By Humans OR You Can Change The Frequency To ‘Silent’ So The Whistle Can Be Heard By Dogs, But Not By The can easily teach your dog unlimited commands such as sit, come, stop barking, stay, and more.
Quality Made – Our high pitch dog whistle is made of premium metal and plastics, Long lasting and rust proof. Color: Whistles black, blue and white, the dog clicker is black blue and white.
Training Tool for Sound-sensitive Pets – These clickers can be used to train dogs, cats, birds, chicken and even mouse. Help to train basic obedience and small trick, or correct bad behaviors. Button presses easily, comes right back up without getting stuck, proper sound, not too loud or soft.
Conveniently to Carry – It is small and light weight, you can put it on a key chain or pocket. Focus on the training and make this lightweight dog training clicker and whistle become the part of you. When in training time appropriate reward your pet, you can let it learn faster.
Perfect Match – Our training whistle and clicker can be used by everyone from fresh dog owner to professional dog trainers. It’s a perfect gift for dog lovers. Our Silent Whistle will not hurt your dog’s ears when you training your dogs. Train your dog with the ultrasonic whistle and clicker so that you don’t need to shout out loudly, you will have a happy and trusting communication tool with your pet.


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