Youyijia Dog Ball 130mm Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Dog Ball Rubber Ball

Only £8.99

The Pet Toy Ball Is Very Flexible. The 6 Easy-to-Grab Holes Allow Dogs of Any Size to Pick It Up and Keep Them Happy By Playing Their Natural Instincts
Dogs Will Find This Toy Ball Very Interesting. When the Toy Ball Rolls and Bounces, It Makes A Very Interesting Sound
The Toy Ball Is Very Durable, Even If It Is A Dog Who Likes To Chew, You Don’t Have to Worry, the Toy Ball Will Not Split If the Dog Throws It Far Or Many Times
This Toy Ball Can Be Used Indoors Or Outdoors, Made of Soft and Durable Vinyl, Suitable for Dogs of All Ages and Can Help Keep Dogs Happy
The Pet Toy Ball Is About 13cm in Diameter


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