sunflowerany Dog Puzzle Toy Pet Snack Feeding Mat,Round Snack Slow Feeders,Sniffing Nosework Training Pad,Boring Interactive Game Training Blanket

Only £269.80

Rich Mats: 4 layers of orange petals can easily hide large pieces of food, the outer ring of grass, suitable for small size food.
Practical for Use: It helps train your dog’s scent, consume your dog’s energy and lose weight.
Soft Fleece Cloth: Resistant to tearing, it can divert dogs to the attention of the home.
How to Use: You can hide small snacks from the petals, grass, plaid, etc., and let the dog eat snacks by searching.
Easy to Clean and Store: The dog’s sniffing pad can be cleaned with a machine, and used for outdoor travel.


Pet Snuffle Feeding Mat