QJJ Dog Chew Toys Non-Toxic Pressing Sounds Can Leak Food Flying Discs Dog Interactive Toys Games Chewing Training Toys Pet Supplies (Color : Yellow)

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Fun sounding-When the pet dog steps on the toy, the toy will make a short and sharp sound, which will arouse the dog’s interest.
Eat and play-you can put in snacks or dog food, so that the dog is late for snacks while playing to increase the fun and prolong the playing time.
Wear-resistant and bite-resistant-the top of the toy is made of soft plastic, and the hardness is high. Dogs can chew this toy to grind their teeth to protect their oral health.
Tumbler design-the bottom arc design, when the dog is used, the toy swings from side to side, which increases the fun of the toy.
Accompanying to relieve boredom-toys can alleviate the dog’s anxiety, kill boredom and prevent it from biting on furniture, clothes or shoes.


Interactive Game for Boredom