GYZD Feeding Mat Pet Snuffle for Dogs Feeding Mat Interactive Puzzle Dispenser Toy Encourages Natural Foraging Skills,B

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What dog likes best? Of course diet and exercise! Well, this snot pad allows your pet to have both at the same time. Just put some snacks on the mat and the dog will spend time on it
As a training toy, this mat can train smell and promote the dog’s natural foraging skills. It also keeps them busy and avoids boredom, lest they engage in destructive behavior
Sniffing training is beneficial to the dog’s physical and mental health, and also helps to reduce the dog’s stress and release additional energy. When they sniff on the mat, their nose and brain continue to work
Our nose pads are made of high-quality fabric, durable and pet-friendly. Easy to clean and store, suitable for indoor and travel
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Encourages Natural Foraging Skills for