ZWW Parrots Bird Playground, Carbonized Wood Cockatiel Perches Play Stand | Bird Desktop Exercise Gym with Chew Toys Swing Ladder Tray Feeding Cup

Only £59.63

EXCELLENT FUN GAME: brightly colored bird toys attract the strong eyesight of the bird and stimulate the body and mind of the bird; it also provides many habitat areas, ladders, swings and chewing toys. The bird playground is equipped with stainless steel feeding cups and removable stainless steel trays for easy cleaning
TO KEEP FIT AND EXERCISE: With your help, the Parrot Playground can make your bird well trained and get more exercise to stay healthy. Suitable for parakeets small African grey parrots
HIGH QUALITY: The bird cage game rack is completely handmade, without any toxic materials, just keep it natural and original. Parrots need time to play outside the cage. You can place the bird perching stand on the table and interact with the birds at close range. Please pay attention to the size when buying
EASY TO ASSEMBLE: the package contains all the parts, even if you are a novice, don’t worry, you can easily assemble the bird sports gym with screws. Safe, strong, not easy to shake
DESIGN CONCEPT: The design concept of the natural wooden bird stand comes from the wild world. Wild birds always stand on the branches, talking or playing with each other, like wild birds


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