ZouYongKang Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs, Dog Feeding Mat Travel Use,Interactive Feed Game for Boredom, Encourages Natural Foraging Skills for Cats Dogs Bowl

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Sniffing training: Studies have shown that 10 minutes of sniffing is equivalent to 1 hour of running, which can consume the energy of dogs and relieve their stress!
Multi-purpose for one thing: a dog mat that combines play and teeth grinding, a combination of play and teeth grinding, the dog can also grind teeth for multiple purposes when eating. It can make sounds, saving time and effort.
Slow food to prevent choking: The owner can reasonably arrange the hiding place according to the dog’s situation, increase the difficulty of smelling, and exercise the dog’s good habit of slow food.
Storage and portable: easy to store and carry, you can hang it or put it aside when not in use.
Easy to clean: The soft bottom pad is safe and environmentally friendly, easy to clean, durable, machine washable, and free of floating hair.


Interactive Game for Boredom