Silicone Pet Cleaning Brush Cup, Dog Paw Cleaner, Portable Pet Paw Cleaner, Best for paw Cleaners. Dog foot Washers. Dog’s Paw Washer(For dogs with towels)Green

Only £8.99

【Quality Assurance】: The dog paw cleaner is made of soft silicone brush head, which can effectively clean the dirt on pet paws without scratching the paws. Suitable for any season
【Lightweight】: When you take your dog out, you can put it in your bag, car, etc. It can also be hung on the dog’s rope with a hook, which can help the dog clean up anywhere, no longer have muddy paws, and keep the dog clean and hygienic
【Multiple use】: The innovative combination of dog paw washing machine and dog cleaning cover can not only clean dog paws, but also remove the silicone cover separately to provide a gentle massage and bath for the dog.
【°360°all-round cleaner, no dead spots】: add some water to the cup, insert the dog’s mud claws, and a gentle and effective silicone brush to help remove the dust and dirt on the dog’s paws without harming the pet’s paws.
【Large size】:The ideal size of 10 x 10 x 15 cm can be used not only for small to large dogs, but also for cats. You don’t need to buy other claw cleaners of different sizes, this claw cleaner is enough, and all the claws can be kept clean.