MEKEET Dog Bell Ball with Rope,Non-Toxic Pet Toy Ball Tooth Cleaning,Pet Training/Chewing/Play/Interaction Dog Toy Ball Suitable for Small and Medium-Sized Dogs (Multicolor)

Only £7.98

■High-quality material: The pet toy ball is made of high-quality rubber material, with good elasticity,bite resistance,non-toxic and non-abrasive.
■ Funny dog toy: Dog toy ball can make a bell sound, it is easy to attract pets. Enhanced dogs focus on dog toy balls,thus improving the pet’s focus and IQ.
■Good buddies: Interactive dog toy balls are very popular among pets. It is very suitable for interacting and playing with pets to enhance the emotion between you and pets.
■Dental health: Pet tooth cleaning ball is bite resistant and can effectively help clean the dog’s teeth. Dog toy balls are more conducive to the grinding of pet teeth and keep teeth healthy and strong.
■Avoid damage: The pet toy ball with rope can prevent pets from destroying household facilities, so that pets no longer bite daily necessities, and bring a comfortable environment to the family.


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