LCZ Feeding Mat Anti-Slip Pad Puzzle Toys Interactive Game for Boredom Encourages Training Natural Smell Foraging Skills Treat Dispenser Stress Relief Brain Game

Only £59.10

Attract the dog’s sense of smell: The sniffing pad can stimulate the curiosity of your pet dog, cat or pig, imitating the hunting of food in nature, so that your pet’s nose and brain can work normally.
High quality and safety: made of high-quality fabrics, safe and non-toxic, wear-resistant and bite-resistant, clean teeth and reduce dental diseases. It is not easy to tear and can prevent pets from choking hazards.
Educational toys: Encourage dogs’ natural foraging skills.
Anti-skid and washable: The anti-skid pad at the bottom adds safety, fixation and is not easy to move.
Suitable for all dogs: any breed, any age, any size, all dogs, even cats and pigs like it.


Interactive Game for Boredom