yckong Fish Shaped Pet Snuffle Mat, Dog Feeding Training Mat Washable Sniff Blanket Cat Training Feeding Pads Encourages Natural Foraging Skills hiohua

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Dog training mat: Cute fish-shaped dog game mat that can attract the dog’s attention. Hidden snacks on the dog’s activity mat, let the dog use its sense of smell to find it, which helps to train the dog’s sense of smell.
High-quality materials: The pet snuff pad uses soft fleece, and the soft fabric will not harm the pet’s nose and mouth and is more suitable for pet slow feeding games.
Train to eat slowly: The pet snuff pad allows your dog to eat at a healthy rate to prevent choking. At the same time, it consumes the dog’s energy and reduces stress.
Anti-slip design: The anti-slip fabric at the bottom of the pet snuff pad can prevent the pad from moving and prevent the pet from being interrupted during eating.
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