RIGRIN Dog Training Whistle with Lanyard (Whistle + Black Clicker)

Only £9.99

Dog whistle standard tone: This high frequency dog training whistle is frequency standardized, which means that whoever uses the whistle (e.g. partner, child), it will always emit the same sound, irrespective of their emotional state. Even if you lose your whistle, you can simply reorder it and it will have the same exact tone as before, so your dog won’t have to adjust to a new tone.
Excellent for for sport, hunting, herding, guide dog and rescue dog training.. Whether you want to go hunting with your dog or simply want to call him in during walks, start whistle training as early as possible. If you have conditioned your pet to a frequency, stay with that frequency. The advantage of these high-quality dog training whistles is that you can order them in the same frequency even years later.
Whistle Strap: You will receive a FREE matching whistle strap with your whistle. This way you can hang your dog whistle around your neck and have it ready to hand at all times. This also minimises the risk of loss.
Dog Whistle for dog training. Multiple dog whistles available.


2 Pack Professional Ultrasonic Dog Training Whistle with Lanyard & Adjustable Frequencies