Hyper Pet IQ Treat Mat | Made in USA | Dog Lick Mat & Fun Alternative to Slow Feeder Dog Bowls, Snuffle Mat for Dogs, and Dog Puzzle Toys | Calming Mat for Dog Anxiety Relief | Just Add Healthy Treats

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ADDITIONAL HEALTH BENEFITS: (i) Dental Hygiene-our cat and dog lick mat has a unique pattern that helps promote fresh breath, healthy teeth & gums by scraping harmful bacteria from the tongue and stimulating saliva production. (ii) Improves digestion & reduces bloating by slowing down eating. (iii) Quadrant design helps guide portion control. Test different treat variations such as natural dog treats, cat treats, soft dog treats, and dog peanut butter. (iv) Helps with Whisker Fatigue in cats.
THOUGHTFUL DESIGNS: (i) CALM promotes the greatest amount of licking, the best for cat and dog anxiety relief in addition to the other uses above. (ii) Both REWARD & CALM are great choices for the less anxious but equally deserving dog or cat. (iii) Try both to provide extra stimulation as an interactive dog toy substitute or for multi pet households.
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