Dog Toys for Boredom by L R International. Dog chew toys, suction cup dog toy. Best for indestructible dog toys, puppy toys and dog tug toy.

Only £15.99

RELIEVE BOREDOM – Your dog can occupy themselves for hours by pulling and playing. The suction cup securely fixes to uncarpeted floors or doors. Prevents boredom when the dog is left alone. The bell inside will keep them guessing and you can also put doggy treats inside for your dog to work out how to get them out – like a slow feeder for dogs.
CHEW TOY – hours of fun for your dog, biting and chewing this dog toy. Pet molar bite toy also works a good teeth cleaning tool. You can even add dog toothpaste to the ball. The serrated edges on the ball can help to clean residue from doggy teeth.
GREAT QUALITY & SAFE – this dog toy is made of food-grade TPR materials, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Durable and bite resistant for many hours of use.
MULTIFUNCTION – great bouncy ball, dog play toy, teeth cleaning toy, slow feeder toy. Bell included for added interest. Suitable for allowing the dog to play by itself and learn to be independent – helping with anxiety from separation and bad behaviour due to boredom.
GUARANTEE – buy with confidence. Contact us with any issues and we will happily provide a replacement or refund.