British Dried Venison Sausage 1kg For Dogs, 100% Natural Treats, Human Grade Quality

Only £11.99

NO NASTIES & PRODUCED IN THE UK – 100% Natural dried healthy dog treats, no additives, produced in the UK. You can treat your dog worry free, our high quality sausages are not imported.
GREAT FOR TRAINING OR REWARDS – Use these sausages, either cut up or whole to reward your dog for good behviour when training or just because your dog deserves a lovely little treat for being good.
HUMAN GRADE INGREDIENTS – Produced to the highest standard, these sausages are made with love and care, and ingredients that are fit for human consumption, made with real venison your dog will love these!
SLOWLY AIR DRIED – Air dried at a lower temperature to perfection, to ensure maximum taste and chew for your dog. Drying at lower temperatures locks in flavour and brings out aromas that your dog will find irresistable.
WONDERFULLY HIGH IN PROTEIN – Made with the highest quality ingredients, these sausages are wonderfully high in protein which contributes to healthy hair, skin, muscle development and tissue repair.


1 kg