Interactive Cat Toys with Catnip Ball 2 Pack Pet balance swing car Balanced Cat Toy for Indoor Cats Rotating Rolling Balls for Cat/Kitten Pet Entertainment Hunting Exercise

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Upgrade Material: Tosiicop interactive cat toys is made of healthy and environmentally friendly food-grade ABS material, safe, non-toxic, durable. Come with 2 pack cat toys interactive can be used as for multiple cats at the same time, which can effectively improve the intelligence of the cats while they are learning how to play.
Product Construction: This cat toys with ball consists of several parts, which includes an interactive cat ball, a high-content catnip ball and two wheels. No electricity required, the interactive cat toys can move by itself while the cat is playing, and the cat toys catnip can be move automatically by the force when swinging.
Two ways of use: When the product is erected, it can swing back and forth to attract cats to play. The toy can be moved by the cat’s external force, and it can also be moved by the weight of the main body swinging back and forth. When the product is placed horizontally, the toy rotates like a turntable, attracting the cat’s interest in playing.
Catnip Ball: The built-in high-content mint ball, plus the cat’s ball on the top, double to attract the cat’s attention, increase the cat’s interest in playing, and help the cat to discharge the hair ball. The cat can interact with the toy alone or play with the owner. The cat ball moving back and forth and turning up and down will bring multiple fun to the cat, so that the cat will not damage the furniture.
Keep Cat Healthy & Fit: Cat will getting stimulating physical and mental exercise. Great chaser fun for kitten, puppy. Keep them busy and provide plenty of healthy exercise by playing it. This kind kitten toys for indoor cats also reduce cat’s anxiety. Because this toy will attract little cat’s interest a lot ,so that we recommend to control the playing time between 30-40 minutes. Long time playing will overdraw you kitten ’s energy.


2 Pack