Hair Removal Roller Sticky Hair Pet Brush Grooming Combs,Easy To Self Pet Fur Clean From Carpet Dog Brushes

Only £12.07

Environmentally friendly materials can easily remove dust and avoid serious damage to clothing fabrics.
The concave-convex design of the grip makes it tighter to the hand, comfortable and not easy to slip.
Gentle Grooming Massage Brush away mats, light tangles and loose undercoat with a soft, flexible groomer that turns petting into an effective deshedding tool
Wide range of uses: pet brush can be applied for your puppy, kitten, dog, or cat that have short, medium and long hair, one brush has multiple purposes, safe to comb your pet, and give your pet a shiny coats.
Simply comb gently over your dog’s or cat’s coat, within seconds you will have a fistful of fur and within minutes you will be amazed by the amount of loss hair has been removed


Easy to Self Clean the Pet Fur