AlfaView Pet Hair Remover with Self-Cleaning Base Reusable Animal Fur & Dust Removal Tool Cat Hair Dog Hair Removing Brush Set for Clothes Couch Bed Car Seat (Blue)

Only £15.99

【Hair Removal Cleaner】 Adapt with a special material, and it does not wake up electrostatically. Different with adhesive tapes, scars do not remain on clothes, blankets, etc. By gently wiping, hair, pet’s hair etc are also collected and removed easily.
【Easy to use】 Hair cleaner with trash can, remove dust off the brush by putting removed hair in the garbage box. It can be removed and used repeatedly. It can be washed if it becomes dirty, and you can use it again if dried.
【Eco-safe】 It takes the hair with the physical principle and does not use electricity, which is a very economical & safe item. It is friendly to the environment and you can use it again and again, so it is economical and recommended pet hair loss cleaner.
【Can be used in various cases】 It can be used widely, such as clothing, sofa, car, pet, bedding, stuffed toy and carpet. Remove pet hair, animal fur, dust and lint. You can easily finish the ironing and wash clothes, pillars and hair easily.
【Lightweight and convenient to carry】 It is a convenient hair removing cleaner that can be useful for outing of pet owners, traveling etc, with small size and light weight. It is convenient to carry anywhere by putting it in a bag. It is a hair loss cleaning brush, a handy cleaner that can be used anytime, anywhere, regardless of the season.


Reusable Animal Hair Removal Brush for Dogs and Cats