Vet’s Best Multi-system support Cat Supplement Gel Promotes Healthy Immune System, 100g

Only £7.99

CLASSIC CHICKEN FLAVOR – Our classic chicken flavour is a favourite among felines and provides antioxidant support for the liver and helps boost your pets immune system which protects against unwanted foreign bodies
SUPPORTS OVERALL HEALTH – Feline Multi-system support is a valuable source of vitamins and minerals that can help with your cats general wellbeing and promote a healthy and active immune system
INGREDIENTS – Vet’s Best Multi-system support remedy uses plant based and other premium ingredients that help support overall health and wellbeing, such as pomegranate extract, MSM, Chlorella, Spirulina, cranberry and milk thistle along antioxidants help increase your cat’s energy levels
DIRECTONS – To familiarise your cat to the gel add a 2 cm ribbon to favourite treat or food, the gel can then be given either from your finger or by placing on your cat’s front paw where it can be licked off
NATURAL – Vet’s Best Multi-system supplement gel is petroleum free and contain no molasses, corn syrup or added sugars