Removes Undercoat Shedding Mats And Tangled Hair Ideal Pet Brush Grooming Combs,Easy To Self Pet Fur Clean From Carpet Dog Brushes,2

Only £13.62

Ergonomics, soft fit, high-quality rubber material feels comfortable.
The needle is bent at 60°, does not hurt the skin, and can be easily restored after squeezing.
Rounded ends on the pin brush makes it easy and comfortable for your dogs and cats, can groom and massage pets for a healthy hair, increasing blood circulation effectively and leaving your pets’ hair soft and shiny.
The ring handle design makes the dog bath brush safe and stable within your grip for using more easier and convenient, that is suitable for removing long or short hair.
Just a couple of passes can collect more hairs from everywhere than the carpet cleaner can do.


Easy to Self Clean the Pet Fur