Pretty Pooch® 2L Animal Fox Poo Dog Shampoo, 5L Dog Bedding Laundry Detergent & 250ml Dog Deodoriser Odour Neutraliser Spray for Smelly Dogs

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Everything you need to get rid of smelly odours for good! Our deep cleaning conditioning shampoo with a fresh citrus fragrance that eliminates lingering odours caused by fox, horse, cow, and rabbit poo!
Perfect for stinky pooches, with natural plant based enzymes to naturally clean, deodorise, and condition your dog’s fur all in one go! Safe for all breeds and coat types, this dog shampoo incorporates natural odour eliminating active enzymes to get rid of stinky fox poo smells for good
This dog bedding laundry detergent by Pretty Pooch effectively deodorises and cleans your pet bedding It leaves behind a beautiful Fresh Linen fragrance and completely neutralises lingering odours Use Clean Sheets to wash your dog’s bedding, blankets, and even their clothes! With only 50ml-100ml required per use, you can get up to 100 uses out of one 5 litre bottle! Use on a hot cycle (around 50°c) for best results. Add 50ml to 100ml of solution to the detergent drawer and wash away!
Designed for smelly pups, Doggy Deo is a revitalising, coat freshening spray with a beautiful Baby Powder fragrance Use this sweet-smelling dog deodoriser spray in between baths or as a finishing spray after bath time to leave your pooch with a beautiful ‘just washed’ smell after just a few sprays! Contains active odour neutralising properties and natural oils for sensitive skin
Doggy Deo can be used on wet or dry coats ✓ Paraben and alcohol free ✓ Soft and gentle formula ✓ Soft and gentle formula. Safe for puppies over 6 weeks old ✓ Suitable for all breeds ✓ Suitable for all coat textures ✓


1L dog grooming shampoo products for smelly dogs with baby powder scent