Dog Paw Cleaner. Paw washer, Paw cleaner for dogs. Pet paw cleaner by TOSI. Best for paw cleaner. Dog foot washer. Paw washers for dogs. Paw cleaner dog (small green)

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(PRODUCT) The dog paw cleaner is made from high quality silicone. It will not cause any discomfort to your dog and will quickly remove mud, sand, harmful bacteria etc. Wiping your dog’s paw with a normal towel does not remove all the harmful bacteria and could cause stress and discomfort for your dog. Can be used on dogs and cats. It will also save any mess from getting on your carpets, wooden flooring and your car. Take the cup with you on long walks or trips to the beach or park.
(PRODUCT) Our dog paw cleaner is great for dog’s after walks and trips out. The internal silicon brush quickly removes debris, mud, germs and any other bacteria that can cause stress and discomfort from your dog’s paws and nails.
(INSTRUCTIONS)Just add some water to the cup, put your dog’s paws into the cup, move the cup up and down or rotate it to clean the paw. After a few seconds remove the pet’s paws and gently dry with towel. Empty the cup and see all the dirt that was on your dog’s paw now in the cup.
(SIZE) The size of the pet paw cleaner is small 11.3 * 9cm, perfect size for all small dogs and some medium size dogs
(EASY TO CLEAN) The paw cleaner can be cleaned easily with water. The internal brush can be removed and detached for easy cleaning