Pet Hair Remover Roller by Gillick Cat Dog Hair Remover Lint Roller Brush Easy Clean Reusable Best for Easy Quick Removal of Pet Hair from Furniture Bedding Sofas, Carpets, Rugs Chairs, Car Seats

Only £11.99

EASY AND EFFECTIVE TO USE. – Simple to use, handy double action pet hair remover roller tool – just move back and forth whilst applying a downward pressure, perfect to effectively remove cat and dog hair from sofa, cushions, couch, bed, carpet, clothes, car seats and soft furnishing like magic, leaving a hairless house and car. Then press button and remove contents into a dustbin.
STURDY COMFORTABLE HANDLE. – Our Cat and Dog hair remover roller has a sturdier, more durable, ergonomic handle compared with most other rollers on the market, giving it a more comfortable grip when in use.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. – This Pet Hair Remover is reusable time and time again. No batteries, power source or replacement sticky rollers required thus saving money on replacement batteries and roller refills.
DURABLE. – The Gillick International Pet Hair Remover Roller is a premium well-designed quality product made from high-quality nylon and ABS plastic. It is a tough hard-wearing tool which should give the user many years of dependable, efficient service making hairy furniture and car a thing of the past.
RISK FREE. – We are confident that our Pet Hair Remover Roller is durable, made to the highest standards and if not satisfied with it, we offer a no quibble 100% money back guarantee.


Reusable Animal Hair Removal Brush for Dogs and Cats