DELIFUR Dog Cone Collar Pet E-Collar Elizabethan Collars Recovery Pet Cone for Cats and Small Dogs Breathable Soft Edge and Easy to Clean(M)

Only £11.79

Made of soft breathable nylon fabric, pets rest more easily and lay their head comfortably in any position.
E-collar provide a safe and humane method of preventing cats and dogs from aggravating a healing wound or injury. Great for cats and small dogs recovering from surgery or wounds.
Helps Overcome Lick-Bite, Itch-Scratch Cycle. Ends Self-Inflicted Wound Aggravation or Mutilation.
Velcro closure design enables this dog cone easy to wear and adjust the tightness slightly.
Size M best fits neck girth 6″ to 9″


Easy to Self Clean the Pet Fur