LSW Pet Design Deodorizing Pet Cologne Spray – Baby Powder Fragrance – Pet Perfume with Vitamins – Odor Control & Neutralizing Deodorant Spray for Dogs – Replenishes Skin & Coat – Made In UK – 270ml

Only £10.99

ELIMINATES UNPLEASANT ODORS: Not a fan of typical pet odor? Eliminate it by using our dog cologne spray. Pet cologne spray not only masks but completely eliminates and deodorizes the odour while also nourishes and brightens the coat at the same time.
INFUSED WITH NOURISHING INGREDIENTS: This dog perfume not just eliminates odours but also work wonders on your pet’s skin and coat. Dog cologne is enriched with a nourishing blend of vitamins (E, C, B6, B3, B5) and wheat proteins that makes the coat shiny, healthy, moisturized
FREE FROM HARSH CHEMICALS: Using chemical-laden products can damage your pet’s skin. Developed with only the pet-friendly and safe ingredients, this dog perfume spray is free from sulfates (SLES & SLS), alcohol, synthetic colours, silicone & parabens. Gentle formulation makes it ideal for everyday use.
LONG-LASTING FRAGRANCE: This pet cologne leaves a baby powder fragrance which lasts all day long. It can be used for every breed and ages above 12 weeks. Pet deodorant is made in the UK and contains no animal-derived ingredients making it suitable for pet parents who are vegetarian and vegan.
PURCHASE WITH CONFIDENCE: Satisfaction of our customers is our primary concern. If you or your little furry ball are not satisfied with our cologne, feel free to return it for a refund or replacement. Click on the “Add To Cart” button and enjoy a risk-free purchase.


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