VIMOV Pet Hair Remover, Reusable Pet Hair Remover Roller & Pet Dog Cat Grooming Glove, Easy and Effective to Pick Up All Loose Fur from Sofa, Cushions, Furniture, Bed, Carpet, Clothes, Car

Only £15.99

★ Practical Combination: Practical Combination: VIMOV pet hair removal set including pet hair roller and cat glove. You can easily remove long short hairs from pets coat and furniture, sofa, bedding, car seats, even nooks and crannies.

★ Easy & Effective: Simply use the pet hair remover brush back and forth to capture all pet hair and collect into the dustbin. Then press the button to remove from the bin. Easy to clean with minimal effort and excellent results.
★ Environmentally Friendly: Really reusable, no batteries or power source, no replacement sticky roller. Upgrade handle make it more durable and handy.
★ 2-in-1 Functional Deshedding Mitt: One side with 180 soft silicone tips combined 5-finger design, provide a comfortable relaxing experience during grooming or massage. The other side with velour easily remove pet fur from furniture.
★ Best Gifts for Pets & Yourself: Using VIMOV lightweight pet hair remover tool help you save time and money, clean up pet hair easily around house, fresher the air. Pets enjoy massage and keep healthy.


Reusable Animal Hair Removal Brush for Dogs and Cats