MQFORU Bird Toy Parrot Toy Made with Nature Wood, Parrot Toys for Large and Medium Birds, Best Toys for African Grey, Parakeets, Amazon Parrots, Finch, Budgie, Cockatiels, Conures ect.

Only £23.99

【Parrot’s Fun Companion】 The bird toy solve the loneliness of parrots due to the lack of companions and owners to play with. Bright colors and climbable design Provide your bird an ideal elevated place to chew and climb.
【Pure Natural Materials】 Made of cotton rope and natural wood, dyed with natural food coloring. Purely handmade, safe and sturdy.
【Perfect Size】 The size is 19.69 “X 8.27”. Perfect size for small and medium birds. It is suggested for budgies, parakeets, cockatiels, conures, lovebirds and other similar sized birds.
【Safe to Chew】 If the parrot’s beak is long, it will affect the parrot’s feeding ability and damage the parrot’s health. Our parrot chew toy can help parrots comb and adjust their beaks. Note: The sharper the parrot’s beak, the faster the nature wood will be consumed.
【Supports DIY】 An extra 39 “cotton rope is provided. Parrots like to untie cotton knots. Extra cotton ropes can be used to string various toys that Parrot likes. Even if parrots untie cotton knots, you can easily Natural wood is assembled.