LeBrush 2.0 Universal Pet Dog Cat Hair Remover Brush Broom Tool, Multi-Functional Carpet & Fabric Cleaning Broom Brush Tool for Picking up Cat, Dog, Pet Hair Fur with Vacuum Cleaner Adapter

Only £24.95

MUST-HAVE CLEANING TOOL FOR ALL PET LOVERS STRUGGLING WITH HAIR CLEANUP, PICK-UP – Pet owners will love this patented multi-functional hair cleaning tool as it removes all types of pet hair from many types of carpets, fabrics and rugs.
THE NEW LeBRUSH will even collect human – especially long – hair, from carpets so it does not get stuck in the vacuum cleaners.
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL TOOL – the NEW LeBRUSHh can be used in multiple ways – on blankets with the short handle, ont carpets, rugs with long handle. Use the NEW LeBRUSH with an adapter to connect to a vacuum tube. Both ways – with handle or with adapter – helps make vacuuming easier from hair and fur. The improved angle of the handle/ vacuum attachment makes cleaning carpets easy, comfortable and quick.
REDUCE PET HAIR ALLERGIES – May help reduce allergies when used with handle or vacuuming, collecting even sticky and difficult to remove hair from embedded in carpets and other surfaces.
LESS EFFORT & CLEANER HOMES – Save time and money and prevent pet hair from clogging vacuums or damaging washing machines. The NEW LeBRUSH comes with an easy-to-assemble joint handle and a special cleaning comb to keep the brush clean. No refills needed or additional waste made!


Reusable Animal Hair Removal Brush for Dogs and Cats