Snuffle mat for dogs, Dog activity mat, Dog toys for boredom, Pet snuffle feeding mat, Feeding mat for dogs by TOSI. Best for Dog boredom breaker, pet feeding mat

Only £16.99

Our snuffle mat for dogs has a size of approx. 40cm x 40cm. The snuffle mat comes in a green colour and when not in use just hang it up..
HIGH QUALITY: Our snuffle mat is made of High quality washable fabric. When your mat is ready to be washed just put it in the washer machine or hand wash.
As a dog owner we all know our pets needs to keep their brains occupied. The Snuffle mat does exactly that, dogs naturally uses their nose to investigate and find things. The mat is very gentle to touch and is great for your dog’s sensitive face.
Very easy to use, just hide the food in the mat, your dog will sniff the mat and find the delicious treats, excellent for training puppies and adult dogs. It stimulates pet’s foraging instinct, releases stress and anxiety, excellent dog training reward
Any breed, any age, any size, all dogs and even cats enjoy it! Easy to store when not in use, great for indoor and outdoor activity for your pets