Bob&Lola Reusable Pet Hair Remover Set (2 Pack) – Self Cleaning Double Sided Brush + Travel Roller – Removes Dog/Cat Hair – Clean Clothes, Sofa, Furniture, Car – Eco Friendly, Effective, Easy to Use

Only £14.99

REUSABLE AND ECO-FRIENDLY: no more sticky peel-off rollers that create waste and cost you money! Forget about buying refills – save your money, time and our Planet Earth. This is a “must have” item for any pet owner or someone woking with furry animals daily.
DOUBLE SIDED BRUSH IN CUTE COVER: choose between cute looking Blue Bob or Pink Lola. Both have double side opposite direction cleaning brush surfaces. This allows it to be used with right or left hand. Make sure to use the brush in the direction where you feel the resistance. When swiped in the correct direction the bristles lift, catch and trap pet hair on the brush.
SMALL ROUND TRAVEL BRUSH/ROLLER: effective and easy to use travel brush is a perfect hand bag essential. Forget about those black trousers or coat covered in fluff or your pet’s hair! Have this brush with you on-the-go and clean your garments whenever needed. This brush only works when swiped in one direction so make sure you feel the resistance when brushing against the fabric.
SELF-CLEANING FUNCTION: both brushes clean themselves and have removable compartments where fluff, hair and lint is collected and can be easily disposed. When using double sided brush, simply put the cover back on and the bristles inside brush off all the hair towards the top. When using travel brush, simply twist the handle 2-3 times to clean the brush.
UNIQUE AND ORIGINAL DESIGN: this is the perfect gift set for any pet owner! Whether it’s Christmas, your friend’s birthday or someone simply got a new puppy, kitten or bunny – they would be pleasantly surprised. We want to be different and stand out from the crowd 🙂


Reusable Animal Hair Removal Brush for Dogs and Cats