AERSY Lint Roller Set. 450 Sheets! 65 Meters! 90 Sheets Per Roll. Easy Peel, Extra Sticky. Quickly removes Pet Hair, Dirt, Dust and Fluff from Clothes, Car Seats, Upholstery and Floors.

Only £14.97

❖ MORE SHEETS GREATER LINT REMOVAL: Enjoy easy and effortless hair and lint removal with the ultimate lint roller pack. Our fluff remover rollers have 90 sheets per roll and unlike others they will last you even more. With 450 sheets per pack your ready to go.
❖ EASY PEEL STICKY SHEETS: Designed to facilitate your life to the fullest, these lint rollers have a diagonal cut that makes peeling off extremely easy. Being super sticky, they will catch and hold even the tiniest lint or fluff out there. Just peel, roll and check the results!
❖ PROTECTIVE PAPER COVER: Each roll comes with a glossy paper cover sheet. Use it to protect each refill after use and keep it clean till next time. No more dirty lint rollers touching your clothes. Ideal for traveling, holidays, outdoors, and even office work.
❖ EXPLORE ITS VERSATILE ROLE: This adhesive lint roller can be used on various surfaces. Perfect for all kinds of clothes, like suits, dresses, sweaters, pants, shirts or even furniture and upholstery. Ideal for pet owners! Remove pet hair from around the house.
❖ WON’T TIRE YOUR HANDS: Thanks to its ergonomic and well designed handle, you may rest assured that this lint roller kit will never tire your hands while using or holding. Worry no more about lint refills falling off the handle either. We have taken care of this as well.


ACE2ACE Pet Hair Remover Roller