pet hair remover, Reusable Animal Hair Removal Brush for Dogs and Cats,No Need to Replace,No Need to Wash,Pet Hair Brush with Self-Cleaning Base for Clothes, Car, Sofa, Bed (gray)

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【Easy Removal of Fur 】-Have you ever had such troubles when cleaning pet hair? The pet hair brush used is small and not easy to clean. Now, you can try FOEY cat and dog double-sided hair removal brush, With a hair removal area of ​​18cm, hair and dust can be removed more quickly and easily. Keeping your furniture and clothes hairless and lint-free has never been easier.
【Double-Sided Design 】-This pet hair removal brush can remove fur and fluff. It is made of nylon fiber, electrostatic adsorption principle, and does not damage clothes. It is twice as fast as single-sided pet hair brush. It is quick and easy to clean, and every side is smooth. The direction and the reverse direction, you must continue to brush in the reverse direction when brushing, so that you can brush cleanly.
【Self-Cleaning 】-No need to fill like traditional fluff rollers. The pet fur and lint remover brush can pick up pet hair from beds, sofas, carpets, car seats, etc. Just put your brush into the cleaning base and then take it out. This will quickly remove the hair from the hair removal brush Next, clean the brush and keep it as new! FOEY Fur Removal Brush – give it a try, you will love it
【Reusable and Environmentally Friendly 】-No need to fill like traditional fluff rollers. The pet hair brush is completely reusable and does not require adhesive paper! Simply slide gently across the problem surface and the fur will disappear. Save time and money with our innovative brush
【Easy to Clean 】-Compared with other pet hair removal brushes, our hair removal brush box is detachable and can be cleaned inside and outside. It will not accumulate some hairs in the box and affect the use. It is very suitable for soft furniture Remove pet fur/fluff/hair from clothes, carpets, linens, sofa cushions, beds, pet beds, pillows, car seats, etc.


Reusable Animal Hair Removal Brush for Dogs and Cats