Pet Hair Remover, Pet Hair Brush Roller for Cat Dog, Furniture Lint Roller Remover with Grooming Gloves Brush Reusable for Pet Fur Removal from Clothes, Carpet, Bedding, Sofa, Car Easy to Self Clean

Only £11.99

[Fast Pet Hair Removal Tool]: The magical pet hair remover roller can grab not only dogs, cats and rabbit hairs but also human hair and general dust. It uses the wonder of static electricity to pick up stubborn hair even if it’s stuck onto fabrics. Save you very much time!
[Easy to Operate]: Simply use the furniture lint roller back and forth to capture all pets long and short hair and lint into the dust container. No need for sticky tapes or adhesive paper. Works well on couches, beds, comforters, blankets, curtains & cushions, cars and more. Please Note: Not suitable for smooth, hard surfaces and wet surfaces.
[Simple to clean & Reusable]: Just pinch one of the two silicone leather mats on the pet fur removal brush and swing it several times, then use the quick release button to empty. Please take a very damp cloth and gently clean off the dirty areas. Sturdy and durable. Lighter than a vacuum cleaner, Cheaper than a tape. 100% eco-friendly and No replacement required, without the waste.
[Pet Hair Remover & Grooming Gloves]: The pet deshedding gloves help you gently remove loose pet hair and dirt and detangle the matted hair while giving your pet a great relaxing massage. 5-finger design of the dog brush or cat brush enables you to reach all the difficult grooming places like tail or face. Your pet will enjoy grooming with these special gloves, plus all the massaging and cuddles.
[Must Have for Pet Lover]: If you struggle cleaning because of pets, just get one set of our cat and dog hair remover, it will bring a fur-free home to you like a hair eating wizard. Also a perfect gift choice for the animal lovers!


Easy to Self Clean the Pet Fur